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Station Fire

On April 1, 2023 the Jackson Township Fire Department’s station on North Salem-Warren Road had a small fire in the area of our bays. Thankfully, someone was at the station when the fire started while many firefighters were out assisting the community on a number of different wires, trees, and other storm related emergencies. The person at the station acted quickly and decisively getting into contact with one of our Jackson Township Firefighters who was across the street from the station working on a tree blocking the roadway. The quick thinking of this person as well as the firefighter contacted allowed us to get our Engine out of the station and contact dispatch and allow for getting mutual aid and other assistance. The fire was quickly extinguished and much of the station, equipment, and apparatus were able to saved from the fire.

Many of you have heard about the fire at the station and must be thinking, Now what happens? Will we have help when we need it? At this time the Jackson Township Fire Department is still operating! We are able to utilize the bulk of our station and we have enough equipment and apparatus to continue assisting the community. We have begun the process of repairing our station and cleaning up after fire. The trucks were quickly assessed and placed back into service available for us to help our community as we have. We do have work to be done, there are repairs, more clean up, and plenty of training to be done, but when it comes to our community the Jackson Township Fire Department will continue to be there for all of you the same as we have been for the last 70 years!

All of the firefighters, the auxiliary, and everyone else associated with the Jackson Township Fire Department we thank all of the members of this amazing community for the amazing support you all have shown. Our firefighters have been blown away by the caring words and support we received both during and after this incident. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact us we continue to be more than happy to help.